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Tennis Handicap Betting: Tips & Strategies for Success

tennis handicap betting

One aspect of tennis that has also gained popularity is tennis handicap betting. Tennis is a sport that has been popularized for centuries and has become increasingly popular in past years, with millions of people around the world following the sport. In this article, we will explore what tennis handicap betting is, how it works, and some tactics to help you make the most of it.

What is tennis handicap betting?

Tennis handicap betting is a type of sports betting where the bookmaker assigns a handicap to one of the players to even out the playing field. A handicap is essentially many games or sets added to or subtracted from the player’s score at the end of the match. The handicap is designed to give the underdog a better chance of winning and make the betting more competitive.

How does tennis handicap betting work?

Let’s take a closer look at how tennis handicap betting works. In a typical tennis match, two players compete against each other, one of them being the favorite while the other being the underdog. The favorite is the player expected to win the match, while the underdog is expected to lose.

Regarding handicap betting, the bookmaker will assign a positive or negative handicap to the underdog. If the handicap is positive, the bookmaker gives the underdog several games or sets. If the handicap is negative, the bookmaker subtracts a certain number of matches or scenes from the favorite’s final score.

For example, let’s say that Novak Djokovic is playing against a relatively unknown player in the early rounds of a Grand Slam tournament. Djokovic is the clear favorite, and the bookmaker might offer a handicap of -5.5 games to his opponent. It means that if Djokovic wins the match 6-3, 6-4, 6-2, the final score with the handicap applied would be 0.5-6, 0.5-6, 0.5-6, which means that Djokovic would lose the bet.

On the other hand, if the handicap were +5.5 games for Djokovic’s opponent, the final score would be 6-8, 4-6, 2-6, and the bettor who bet on the underdog would win the bet.

tennis handicap betting

Tips for tennis handicap betting

Now that we have a good understanding of what tennis handicap betting is and how it works let’s take a look at some tips that can guide you in making the most of it:

Do your research


As with any sports betting, it’s essential to research before placing your bets. Look at the players’ previous performances, their head-to-head records, and their current form. It will guide you to make more informed decisions about betting on the handicap.

Look for value


Regarding handicap betting, it’s essential to look for value. It means finding bets where the odds are higher than you think they should be. If you feel that a player has a good chance of beating their opponent by more than the handicap suggests, then it might be worth taking a punt on them.

Consider the playing conditions.


Different players perform better in different conditions. For example, some players perform better on clay courts, while others perform better on grass courts. Take into account the playing conditions when placing your bets, as this can have a significant impact on the outcome of the match.

Pay attention to the odds movements.


Odds can fluctuate in the lead-up to a match, so it’s important to pay attention to the odds’ movements. If you see the odds moving in favor of the underdog, it could be a sign that other bettors are backing them, and there might be some value in placing a bet on the favorite instead.

Don’t rely solely on the handicap.


While the handicap can be a valuable tool for tennis betting, it’s important not to rely solely on it. Consider other factors such as the players’ form, head-to-head record, and playing conditions.

Manage your bankroll


As with any sports betting, managing your bankroll is important. Set yourself a budget for each bet, and stick to it. Refrain from chasing your losses or betting more than you can afford to lose.

Watch the matches live.


Watching the matches live can better understand how the players are performing and help you make more informed decisions about betting on the handicap.


Tennis handicap betting can be a great way to add excitement to watching tennis matches. By understanding how it works and following these tips, you can make more informed decisions when placing your bets. Remember always to do your research, look for value, consider the playing conditions, and manage your bankroll effectively. You could be in for some big wins with some luck and intelligent betting.



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